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First KOMIKON ko!
Mind VS. Music cover

Last saturday was my first ever Komikon and my first ever comic realease (not much of a debut though..) Mind VS. Music is an-11 page colored digital comic sold for 20 pesos in CD at the Komikon. I only sold 6 copies (i arrived at 3pm--which was pretty late) but it was to complete strangers which made me very happy!

inner pages of Mind VS. Music

The story is something i've had for quite sometime now but never really got down to doing it. The art on the other hand is heavily based on Gendy Tartakovsky's Samurai Jack because i got stuck with this style after watching a whole lot of Samurai Jack episodes for my thesis(which i still have to get down doing). The color style was something I ended up improvising because i had to rush that part... especially page 1(sorry bout that)  which I ended up coloring inside the jeepney on my way to UP from the MRT station.

anyway... here are some of the komikon/booth photos -- photo credit to popazrael---
my little set-up =p

plain CD's with a sticker of the cover

Ragboy by Patrick Abanilla

Unfitting Title, Goyo, and Assorted Nuts (0) re-release
at the RUNWay Comics booth

More from RUNWay!!

From the CSB Booth-- Comics from the 2D-Post Students

Ruth's Under the rain-- SOLD OUT!!!

Anyway.... Komikon was pretty fun even though i didnt get to buy anything nor go around the area that much (far too many people). I would like to thank my friends for the support--and those that bought, Mr. Gerry Alanguilan (komikero-prof), DLS-CSB-SDA, and RUNWay comics.

Komikon was fun! Lets do it again!!

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